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An advisory service to ensure you get the best terms and best rate.

We find a mortgage for your projects etc. in a few hours” to “We quickly find a mortgage with the best conditions that suits your personal situation

Your Multi-Prêts broker offers you an access to More than 20 different financial partners

We work with over 25 financial partners on your behalf, including Canada’s top banks, caisses, and financial institutions, to locate the lowest rates and terms on the market, as well as achieve speedy mortgage pre-approvals.

The Advantages of Multi-Prêts

Des économies


We have a thorough awareness of the market, which allows us to aggressively negotiate the most advantageous and reasonable mortgage loan for you, as opposed to banks or financial institutions, which are only bound to give you with their products, allowing you to save greatly.


Lowest rate

Due to the enormous number of mortgages generated, Multi-Prêts has access to the best rates in the market (over 44 billion). At the same time, we have access to a wide choice of rates given and advertised by various banks and organizations. We shop around for the best deals for you.

Services 100% Gratuit

It’s completely free.

Mortgage brokers provide you with no-cost services. There are no hidden costs or commissions to deal with. Indeed, banks and financial institutions pay the broker for marketing mortgage products. As a result, we provide our services at no cost.

Gagner du temps

Managing your time

To receive the best offer, you won’t have to meet with a plethora of banks and financial institutions or fill out mountains of paperwork. Your broker will manage the follow-ups, as well as keeping you updated on any changes to your file and drafting the essential documents and contracts. Procedures are simplified, and you save a lot of time as a result.

Here are some of the services we provide.

Why should you trust Multi-Prêt?

The Advantages of Multi-Prêts

Substantial financial savings

We have a complete understanding of the market, allowing us to aggressively negotiate for you the most advantageous and affordable mortgage loan, as opposed to banks or financial institutions, which are obligated to provide you just their goods, allowing you to save significantly.

Lowest Rate

Multi-Prêts has access to the best rates in the market due to the large volume of mortgages created (over 44 billion). Simultaneously, we have access to a diverse range of rates given and promoted by a variety of banks and organizations. We find the greatest prices for you.

It’s completely free.

Mortgage brokers give you with completely free services. There are no additional fees or commissions to pay. Indeed, the broker is rewarded by banks and financial organizations for promoting mortgage products. As a result, we offer our services for free.

Time management

You won’t have to meet with a slew of banks and financial institutions or fill out a mountain of paperwork to get the best deal. The follow-ups will be handled by your broker, who will also keep you informed about any changes to your file and create all necessary documents and contracts. Procedures are streamlined, and you save a significant amount of time.

Use a Multi-Prêts broker to receive the greatest rates!

Why use a Multi-Prêts mortgage broker in Laval ?

Chafik Zakaria, a Multi-Prêts mortgage broker team in Laval, provides quick and efficient assistance in obtaining the lowest rates from more than 20 financial institutions across Canada. In the mortgage market, Chafic has a lot of experience. Because of his experience and thorough knowledge of the mortgage industry, he will be able to secure the best rate for your needs.

A Multi-Prêts team of brokers in Laval to get the best !

Why trust me with your mortgage financing?

Because I am committed to:

  • Find the best possible offer among more than twenty financial institutions
  • Confirm an approval quickly
  • Accompany you until the transaction is completed at the notary’s office
  • Be accessible at all times
Danielle Geldhof

Chafic Zakaria

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker accredited

by AMF, B.A.A, M.Adm

Your Broker

  • I have the privilege of having acquired a solid business experience as an entrepreneur for some twenty years.
  • As a responsible parent, I make sure to manage the family’s finances on a sound and solid basis. 
  • I understand the importance of sticking to a budget to achieve your life goals. In addition to finding you a loan with the best possible terms, 
  • I will share with you tips learned through experience and walk you through a process I know well.
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